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      2. PRODUCTS



        Medler guangzhou branch is committed to developing the industrial transmission market in south China, providing high quality technical support and efficient after-sales service. We provide quality products and services in packaging, logistics, ceramics, glass, carpentry, chemicals, ports, sewage and surface treatment.

        Germany madeler company has a history of more than 100 years. It is one of the world's famous transmission product manufacturers. Its products include gear rack, reducer, reducer, coupling, chain sprocket, bearing, tension sleeve and buffer. It provides high-quality supporting products and services for manufacturers in the field of mechanical transmission industry.

        In 2010, medler company set up a decelerator product division in Tianjin, China. On the premise of ensuring high quality and reliability of products, combined with the demand of China's industrial equipment market, the decelerator products gradually realize localized production and manufacturing, decentralized assembly, meet the short delivery period, and ensure service timeliness. Contribute to the growth of Chinese industry!

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